april 2018 exam

Last call to those who want to take the CCM exam this April 2018! It’s less than a month to go before the April 2018 application window closes on January 31. So, if one of your goals this 2018 is to add CCM to your name, then this is your opportunity! Act now while you still have time!

You will have 3 opportunities to take the CCM Exam in 2018, April, August, and December. We all know how fast time flies, and with only 3 testing periods per year, it is easy to miss out.

Personally, I think April is the best time to take the CCM, what better way to spend a cold winter day than studying!

Wondering if you’re eligible to take the exam? Let’s go over the details of eligibility.

According to the CCM Certification Guide, there are 3 areas of qualification you must meet to be eligible to take the exam.

  1. Meet the specified licensure or education qualifications.
  2. Qualify within one of CCMC’s employment category experience categories.
  3. Be of good moral character, consistent with the CCMC Code of Professional Conduct.

Licensure and Education Qualification Information

To qualify for the CCM Exam, you must hold a:

  1. Current, active, and unrestricted licensure or certification in a health or human services discipline that within its scope of practice allows the professional to conduct an assessment independently.

The license must be active through the last date of test administration.

Examples include: RN, LCSW, Rx


  1. Baccalaureate or graduate degree in a health or human services field that promotes the physical, psychosocial, and/or vocational well-being of the persons being served, if licensure or certification is not required for your discipline.

The degree must be from an institution that is fully accredited by a nationally recognized educational accreditation organization, and the individual must have completed a supervised field experience in case management, health, or behavioral health.

Employment Experience Information

You must also attest that you qualify within one of these categories:

Category 1: 12 months of full-time case management experience, supervised by a board certified (CCM) case manager who has been certified for at least 12 months.


Category 2: 24 months of full-time case management experience.

Supervision by a board-certified case manager NOT required under this category.


Category 3: 12 months of full-time employment as a supervisor of individuals who provide case management services.

Moral Character

Lastly, there are several very specific questions you will need to answer related to your eligibility under the moral character qualification. Please refer to the Certification Guide to the CCM Examination, section 6 for a list of questions to expect on the application.

Full details of CCM Exam eligibility here.

About the Exam

The CCM Exam is a 180-question multiple choice exam in which you have 3 hours to complete.

The content of the CCM examination is based on an ongoing, nationwide validation research project. The questions are based on five knowledge domains which is further defined into sub-domains

  1. Psychosocial Concepts and Support Systems
  2. Quality and Outcomes Evaluation and Measurements
  3. Rehabilitation Concepts and Strategies
  4. Care Delivery and Reimbursements Methods
  5. Ethical, Legal, and Practice Standards

How Much Does the CCM Exam Cost?

The application fee is $200, and the exam fee is $185, a total of $385 will be paid when you apply. But there is a chance you can take the exam for much less! Simply enter the name of the CCM who referred you in the “promo code” field of the Education and License section of the application. When the application window closes, one lucky candidate and the CCM who referred them will be randomly chosen to each win a $345 American Express Gift Card! I hope you will consider entering my name, Deanna Gillingham, in that promo field.

Where Can I Take the Exam

Qualified applicants can take the exam in over 800 locations in 160 countries. Exams are conducted at Prometric testing centers, take a look and see where your nearest testing center is.  

We know that the CCM Exam is an exciting opportunity to take your career to the next level. So we want to help you to be prepared.

One way is to use the book CCM Certification Made Easy This comprehensive, concise study guide is based on the blueprint of the CCM exam. This book was written specifically to help you pass the CCM exam.

If you are looking for a course we have the Online CCM Certification Review Course.

This online study course is designed to help you understand the role case managers play in today’s modern complex healthcare system and how this information is vital to preparing and passing the case management exam.

You may also check out this post for more study tips to help you feel confident and ready to take the exam.

To get more information and to sign up for the exam, head over to CCMCertification.org and click on “Get Certified” or call CCMC Customer Service at 856-380-6836 for assistance.

Remember: If not now, then when? Apply now until January 31st and add those three letters to your name that empower your potential!