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CCM Certification Made Easy 3rd Edition (Updated August 2020)

Your Guide to Passing the CCM Exam

3rd Edition

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Are You Looking To Become A Certified Case Manager?

Trust me, I know how you feel…

I’ll be honest with you. When I first began studying for the CCM Exam, one of the most difficult things that I had to overcome was finding the right book to study from. With little to invest, I was looking for one book to cover all of the material on the exam.

But after investing in several books, I still couldn’t find the information I needed to feel confident I would pass. All of the books covered the same material, and they all left out A LOT.

I have a confession…

I have a tendency to go a little overboard with things. I can’t leave something as “good enough”. I have to know and understand every detail. So when I applied for the exam and received the CCM Certification Guide I read every word of the 18 pages. I noticed that they gave us a list of the exam content. I was looking for one book that would explain this list of exam content. But with all of the books I had, I was still missing a majority of the information on the exam.

I panicked. How was I going to pass this exam if I didn’t have the material I needed to study? So I started rigorously researching the material myself. I spent hundreds of hours reading books, surfing the internet, attending lectures and interviewing professionals. I used the information I gathered to create my own comprehensive study guide. And using this, I passed the exam!

But I didn’t stop there. I wondered if this information would be helpful to others.

About that time…

I received a phone call from a colleague. She was extremely upset as she had failed to pass her certification exam after 2 attempts. She had to pass by the end of the year or she would lose her position.

I gave her the information I had compiled and we agreed to a weekly phone call to review any information she had questions on. I rewrote any material she did not find clear, and she reviewed it again.

It was finally time for her to retake her exam. And this time she passed!

The good news is, you too can pass the CCM Exam, without spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars. I’ve made it easy for you by compiling all of my painstaking research into CCM Certification Made Easy: Your Guide to Passing the Certified Case Manager Exam 2nd Edition.

Why Choose CCM Certification Made Easy?

  • Based on the CCMC’s Exam Blueprint
    The Commission for Case Management Certification gives us the Exam Blueprint in the CCM Certification Guide, telling us the subjects we will be tested on. This exam blueprint was the outline for CCM Certification Made Easy, so you will know you are studying material pertinent to the exam.
  • Comprehensive
    Each and every item on the exam blueprint has been addressed and explained in CCM Certification Made Easy. Relevant definitions from the CCM Glossary of Terms are included, as well as pertinent material from CCMC’s Definition and Philosophy of Case Management, and CCMC’s Code Of Professional Conduct for Case Managers.
  • Concise
    There are no long winded explanations, filler or fluff. Each area is covered in a brief, to the point format. Unlike other exam prep books that fill pages and even chapters with fluff to increase their page count, CCM Certification Made Easy does not waste your time with material irrelevant to the CCM Exam. This allows you to quickly and easily review for the exam.
  • Written Specifically For the CCM Exam
    This book was written from the first word on, specifically to help you pass the CCM exam. Many other books that claim they are CCM Exam prep books are in fact, generic test prep books that have been tweaked with just enough information to make them relevant for the CCM Exam. But if you look closely, you will find they use a lot of the same material in test prep books on other subjects. CCM Certification Made Easy will not waste your time on information not relevant to the CCM Exam.
  • Easy to Read
    No small crowded print for these tired eyes. The font and line spacing was purposely chosen to be easy to read.
  • Written By a Case Manager
    Unlike other books that are written by test prep companies, this book was written by a case manager that successfully passed the CCM Exam.

CCM Certification Made Easy was written specifically to help you pass the Certified Case Manager (CCM) exam, this extraordinary book is the ultimate resource for case managers preparing for examination. It has been created and organized based on the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) exam blueprint by a certified case manager, so readers can feel confident that they are studying pertinent material.

Each of the book’s chapters address one of the five knowledge domains covered on the exam. Each chapter is further broken down to cover each of the topics outlined in the exam blueprint.

CCM Certification Made Easy provides a comprehensive yet concise review of the core material needed to pass the CCM exam, and is provided in a well organized, easy to read format, to help you make the most efficient use of your study time. No filler or fluff, just the facts.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Here’s What Others Are Saying…

I literally studied for 4 hours with this book and passed the exam on the first try yesterday. I am a home health case manager so a lot of this information was completely new to me…especially insurance related content. I read the book front to back, highlighted what I didn’t know and then reread my highlights! Hope this helps someone out there…this book should be all you need! 🙂

Tricia A

Woo hoo !!! I passed the exam yesterday!!! Your book and website helped me tremendously!! I bought several other books before coming across your web site and ordering your book! Your info is organized and easy to read and understand! Thank You !!!!I honestly do not think I would have passed if I would not have luckily come across your site as I was looking up a question on the internet!! You are the Go to girl … to pass this exam!!

I am not a traditional student, I’m a mid 40’s mom with teenage girls! I was feeling overwhelmed with the books I bought until I came across yours!


This book was a great help in preparing for my ANCC RN-BC certification in Case Management. It helped me pass the test on my first try 🙂

Lori Claxton

This is the only book you need. The CCM website lists so many books that it is confusing to know where to start. I passed the exam this April 2015 and this book was pertinent to the exam material. The book is easy to read and easy to memorize key facts. I thank Deanna for making this book so RN’s like me could continue to work full time and not panic that I had to absorb a ton of material. Thank you, Deanna!!!!!

Sean Burns

I just took the CCM exam, and received a preliminary pass. The only thing I did was read this book. I found this guide to be relevant to the exam, easy to read and understand, and a great refresher on a wide variety of case management topics. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to take the CCM,

M. Ricketts

I passed! I want to thank you for your CCM Exam review book and workbook. I completed both in a week. I certainly will recommend your review book to anyone preparing for the exam… Thank you for making it “easy” and helping me prepare for and pass the exam!


Passed CCM the first time! !!!!!!!
This book is THE book! I read this book in a day and 3 hours crash course and passed. This is the only book you need especially if you have limited time to study. I had so many books to study from, but was unable to re-schedule my test as I intended so, I was forced to pick one book, and I am glad I chose this book! !!!!!


The title is correct….Your guide to passing the CCM Exam!
I can’t thank you enough, I passed my exam yesterday. The book and the workbook were excellent tools. I would not have passed if I didn’t purchase your book…The workbook was very helpful to recall significant items.
Once I receive my certificate, colleagues will ask how I passed will recommend your book!!!

Jennifer Stephenson

Being relatively new to Case Management, I have found this book very helpful. It is written well and easy to understand . I highly recommend it ! Thank you !

Sue Wamboldt

Absolutely incredible. I used Deanna’s book and referenced it when helping others prepare for their exams. I’ve encouraged everyone taking the CCMC boards to invest in this book as it is up-to-date and written in real life. Thank you, Deanna, for all your contributions to our field. If you are considering taking the CCMC or haven’t been successful in the past, this is the tool you need for your future.

Jim Lipsky

Thank you Deanna. I passed my test on Friday. Your study guide was very helpful. I really think the workbook reading along with the book made all the difference.
Happy customer,

Melody Ford, RN , CCM 😉