Passing the CCM Certification Exam

Last minute tips for passing the CCM exam and becoming a certified case manager

Passing the CCM Certification ExamAre you having anxiety about taking the CCM exam? In my article 8 Tips for Passing the CCM Exam I told you how to best study for the exam. Now in this article I will give you last minute tips to help you to pass the CCM exam.

Obtaining your CCM certification is an important step in advancing your career as a Case Manager.

You have spent countless hours studying for the CCM exam, and you want it to show on your test score right?

These steps will help ensure you are at your peak performance!

Tip 1: Read over the instructions you received from the CCMC and testing center.

It may sound silly, but make sure you read over the instructions. They will provide you with valuable information you will need for exam day. You will need to bring specific forms of ID, make sure you have them and that they are in acceptable condition. Your photo ID must be in excellent condition. I know one case manager who was turned away because the corner of her drivers license was coming apart. The testing center stated it could have been tampered with. (more…)