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The Five CCM Knowledge Domains

CCM Knowledge Domains

The knowledge domains are like a blueprint of the CCM Exam. It tells us the five major areas we will be tested on. Each of the five major domains having several sub-domains, giving us more specifics of what will be covered under each domain.


Determining What is Tested

Every 5 years the CCMC conducts a research study known as the Role and Function Study. The data from this study identifies the essential activities performed by case managers, as well as the knowledge required to support the competent performance of this work. This information is then used to determine the knowledge domains for the CCM Exam.

Titles of Case Management Domains
including percentage and number of questions for each domain

  • Care Delivery & Reimbursement Methods (44 Questions) 28% 28%
  • Psychosocial Concepts & Support Systems (40 Questions) 25% 25%
  • Quality & Outcomes Evaluations and Measurements (31 Questions) 19% 19%
  • Rehabilitation Concepts & Strategies (18 Questions) 11% 11%
  • Ethical, Legal, & Practice Standards (27 Questions) 17% 17%
Psychosocial Concepts & Support Systems

Psychosocial Concepts & Support Systems

Comprises 25% of the Exam, approximately 40 questions

Quality & Outcomes Evaluation and Measurements

Quality & Outcomes Evaluation and Measurements

Comprises 19% of the Exam, approximately 31 questions

Rehabilitation Concepts & Strategies

Rehabilitation Concepts & Strategies

Comprises 11% of the Exam,
approximately 18 questions

Care Delivery & Reimbursement Methods

Care Delivery & Reimbursement Methods

Comprises 28% of the Exam, approximately 44 questions

Ethical, Legal & Practice Standards

Ethical, Legal, & Practice Standards

Comprises 17% of the Exam, approximately 27 questions

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