Online CCM Review CourseWhen I started studying for the CCM Exam, I noticed the information I needed was not easy for me to find and understand.

I needed to organize my notes by knowledge domain and thought this information could help others who were studying for the exam.

I read the study guides, researched the web, spoke to a bunch of people, joined a study group, organized my notes and put the information online so I could easily access my notes from anywhere.

Thus, was created.

Growth of a Community  

Since the launch in December of 2013, I passed the CCM exam in April of 2014 and have had thousands of visitors use the study guide, and the numbers keep growing.

We have an active Facebook group with over 1600 members. It has become a place for people to connect, share information and help each other.

I smile each time I hear someone passed because of my resources.

Along the Way, I Met Anne

Anne is a healthcare leader with over 40 years of experience as a critical care nurse, case  manager, professional patient advocate, educator and digital journalist. She has expertise as an independent case manager, specializing in catastrophic case management, workers’ compensation, and long – term care.  

She is a past President of the Case Management Society of America and was one of the original authors of the American Nurses Credentialing Center book, Case Management Review, and Resource Manual.

Anne has written and lectured nationally and internationally on case management, patient advocacy, and care coordination. She currently writes a blog, Nurse Advocate.

Our Online Community Asked For More

Over the last year, people have been reaching out to find more ways to study for the exam.

Some features they were looking for included

  • An in depth course
  • Ability to study any time, any place
  • Potential to study while commuting
  • Capability to start and stop as needed
  • Be able to listen to content over and over
  • A course good for auditory learners

Our community spoke, and we listened.

I partnered with Anne to bring you the Case Management Certification Review Course.

Anne shares her expertise and experiences in her 11 module course on case management.

You can access the same course she has taught numerous times to live audiences, in the convenience of your own home!

Features of the Course

We considered all the features people asked for and created a course that will:

  • Provide a study guide for those preparing for national certification in the field of case management
  • Share insights into the practice of case management for those new to the field
  • Share a common platform to better understand the role, function and opportunities case managers bring to the healthcare system
  • Provide information that will improve individual and organizational practice

How This Course Will Help Busy Students

Our new online course offers the flexibility busy students need to successfully study for and pass the exam such as:

  • No scheduled class times, study whenever you want
  • You can watch and listen to the information over and over
  • You can start and stop each lesson as needed
  • Course is also delivered as a compressed audio file, thus decreasing data usage

Perfect Pairing to Study For and Pass the Exam

Enrolling in this online course and utilizing the CCM Certification Made Easy study guide are the perfect pairing to successfully study for and pass the exam.

The study guide provides the “need to know” knowledge base while the online course is presented in a conversational tone to apply the facts covered in the book.

Ready to start studying?

Look no further, we are going to help you pass.

Find the course here.