Resources for the uninsured or underinsured

It is not only the uninsured that have difficulty obtaining health care, but also the underinsured. If a client has insurance, but does not have prescription coverage, they can go to the doctor, get the diagnosis and prescription for the problem, but may not be able to afford to fill the prescription.

Another issue can arise when the patient has a very limited benefit. For example, a stroke patient with a 30 visit limit for outpatient rehab may exhaust his or her benefit long before reaching their maximum potential.  It is important for the case manager to be aware of community resources near the patient. In addition there are often disease specific resources the patient may qualify for.To assist with prescriptions, often communicating with the physician is the first step. They may have samples or be able to change the medication to one that is less costly or a generic. Wal-mart and other pharmacies offer a 30 day supply of generic medications for $4.