How CCMC Develops the CCM® Exam and How You Can Prepare for It

The following is a guest article written by Debby Formica, CAE, ICE-CCP COO, Commission for Case Manager Certification

Group of Women helping Develop the CCM® Exam

Research-Based  Exam Development

Have you ever wondered about the rigor and process of constructing and managing the CCM exam? It is more complex than meets the eye. The CCM exam is carefully crafted through a comprehensive, multi-phase process. This involves a team of subject matter experts and test development specialists who design and rigorously evaluate questions, with a focus on precision, clarity, and validity. These questions are thoughtfully curated based on extensive literature review and research. The categories for job functions are defined based on the results of an extensive job task analysis, which delves into the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for effective case management. This research conducted by CCMC to support exam development is the Role & Function Study. This is an evidence-based study of the knowledge, skills, and activities case managers are performing in the field. CCMC validates and updates the CCM certification exam with data from this study every five (5) years to ensure it is reflective of the current state of case management as a practice

 The Commission is committed to constant improvement as a testament to our dedication to individuals who are wholeheartedly pursuing excellence in the field of case management. CCMC meticulously oversees the development of its test question bank, ensuring the inclusion of high-quality questions while also managing the retirement of outdated ones to maintain the certification’s rigor and relevance.

Harnessing the Power of Study Groups

As you begin your journey of preparing for the CCM exam, it’s worth considering the significant benefits of creating workplace or community study groups. These group study sessions offer numerous opportunities for mutual growth and support. By participating in these groups, you not only get a chance to assess your strengths but also to tap into the expertise of your peers who may have a deeper understanding of specific topics. Ultimately, study groups create a supportive and enriching environment as you strive to achieve your CCM certification goals.

Professional development beyond certification:

CCMC provides numerous educational opportunities aimed at fostering ongoing professional development and keeping CCMs up-to-date with the latest advancements in case management practices. Here are a few of CCMC’s most helpful resources:

  • Learn and earn CE credits effortlessly with our CMLearning Network. Discover current topics for enrichment and watch as CEs are automatically added to your dashboard, making professional development easy and convenient.
  • Stay updated with relevant case management topics through our official CCMC CareManagement Journal. It is available 6 times a year and you can earn at least 2 CEUs in ethics credits annually by reading our articles.
  • Try PACE™ and explore a vast directory of CE-approved webinars, onsite events, journal articles, home-based courses, and web-based education from multiple providers, giving you the flexibility to tailor your learning to your needs.

CCMC also offers a “Develop Others” toolkit which is designed to assist managers, supervisors, and senior case managers in fostering the professional growth of their staff and junior counterparts and guiding them toward certification.

Commission Partnerships that Matter

Becoming a Certified Case Manager (CCM) is a significant achievement, and it’s essential to recognize the pivotal role that CCMC’s partnerships play in this endeavor. These collaborations are more than mere logistics; they are the foundation for a seamless and reputable certification experience.

Our partnership with the Data Recognition Corporation (DRC), experts in test development, is instrumental in ensuring the quality and credibility of CCM exams. Their expertise guarantees that every question is thoughtfully crafted, adhering to the highest standards of fairness, validity, and reliability. When you face the CCM exam, you’re not just answering questions; you’re engaging with a meticulously designed assessment, a testament to your dedication and expertise.

DRC’s commitment to excellence extends to safeguarding the credibility of your certification, instilling trust in both professionals seeking certification and the organizations that employ them.

On the administrative front, CCMC partners with Pearson VUE to simplify the entire exam process. Pearson VUE’s extensive network of testing centers makes registration effortless, helps you find convenient testing locations, and ensures swift result delivery. This accessibility is more than a convenience; it’s a bridge to encourage more individuals to embark on the journey of certification.

Pearson VUE’s proficiency in delivering high-stakes examinations means that the CCM exam is administered efficiently and professionally. This commitment to accessibility empowers you to choose when and where to take the exam, making it easier for you to focus on mastering the content.

Beyond logistics, these partnerships represent a continuous commitment to improvement. Your journey to CCM certification is a collaborative effort. These partnerships elevate your experience, making the CCM exam more than just an exam—it’s a recognition of your excellence in case management.

Our Partnership with You

If you are a dedicated case manager preparing for the CCM exam, this is a pivotal phase of your case management career. The Commission stands by you, ready to provide unwavering support to you as your case management journey evolves.

Are you eligible to take the CCM exam? Know before you apply. For more information about eligibility requirements click here

Editors Note:

If you are ready to start studying for your CCM exam the Case Management Institute has developed numerous resources to make your journey to certification a pleasant one. Start your journey at

Considering the Case Managers exam? Clients and health care organizations need CCM’s more than ever—and so do you!

reading glasses for studyingIt’s time to get unstuck. With 2021—and a coronavirus vaccine—finally in sight, it’s time to move forward. One way to do that is to stretch yourself professionally. For professional case managers, this could mean earning the Certified Case Manager® (CCM®) credential.

More than 48,000 case managers hold the CCM—the oldest and most widely held case manager credential. It’s the gold standard.

Who we are:
The Commission for Case Manager Certification® is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that oversees the process of case manager certification with its CCM and CDMS credentials.

We’re not an association or a society. We are a credentialing organization that advances research-based standards built on decades of experience. We promote quality case management practice; ethical standards and behavior; and scientific and practice-based knowledge development and dissemination.
In the era of COVID-19, the advancement of scientific and practice-based knowledge has become most important. (more…)

Patrice V. Sminkey Foundation Scholarship

Patrice V. Sminkey Foundation Scholarship

Honoring a commitment to certification: The Patrice V. Sminkey Foundation

By Debby Formica COO, Commission for Case Manager Certification

The phones are ringing in our offices here at the Commission, as they always do during a certification application window. The energy is high—the kind of day my friend and colleague Patrice Sminkey thrived in. (more…)

Are you eligible to take the CCM exam? Know before you apply

Are you eligible for the CCM?CCM Exam Eligibility

Knowledge of case management terminology and current practice are among the essential elements you’ll need to pass the Certified Case Manager® (CCM®) exam. But earning the CCM is about more than book knowledge—after all, it’s an exam based on what case managers do in daily practice.

Becoming a board-certified case manager requires you to have both the core education (which may be represented by licensure) and experience to practice case management before you even apply to take the test. (more…)

CCM Exam & Question Development

CCM Exam & Question DevelopmentHave you ever wondered how the CCM certification exam is created? Where do those questions come from and who writes them? We were curious too! CCMC was very gracious and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how the CCM Exam & Question Development occurs to share with you. We are sure you will find the following article by Debby Formica very interesting and informative! (more…)