Health Coaching

Health coaching is different that traditional roles medical professionals have with patients. Instead of instructing patients on what they need to do, coaching assists the patient to achieve their own healthcare goals. This is done by listening more than talking. The Case Managers job is to support, encourage and empower the patient to achieve their goals.

Health Coaching Process

Establish a relationship- This is done by developing a rapport with the patient to develop trust.

Motivational interview- The Case Manager helps the patient discover which issues are most concerning. They then engaging the client to elicit change talk and discover motivation to make changes needed. Change talk can be fostered by asking questions such as, “How does that interfere with things you like to do?” The goal is to increase the patient’s awareness of the potential problems, consequences and risks related to the behavior as well as discovering what motivates the patient. 

Goal setting- The Case Manager assists th
e patient in setting goals, and helps the patient to discover options for achieving the goals. The Case Manager will continue to monitor the progress and focus on the successes the patient makes toward the goals.