Alternative care facilities

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities provide housing and support with ADL’s and IADL’s to residents. Services provided often include:

  • meals
  • medication management
  • transportation
  • housekeeping
  • laundry
  • 24 hour staff
  • personal assistance with ADL’s

Assisted living facilities do not provide medical care or skilled nursing care. Each state has it’s own requirements for regulating this type of facility. The cost of assisted living is not covered by medical insurance and is either paid by private individuals and their family or, if purchased, a Long Term Care policy.

Group Homes

Residents of group homes are typically children or adults with chronic disabilities requiring continual assistance to complete ADL’s/IADL’s or behavioral problems that may make them dangerous to themselves or others. These homes usually have less than 8 residents who share common areas such as kitchen, living room and laundry facilities. The residents, depending on their ability, do chores.

Residential Treatment Facilities

Residential treatment facilities house and provide therapy for patients with drug and alcohol addictions, emotional or behavioral problems, and/or mental illness. They are clinically focused, and offer treatments such as psychoanalytic therapy, behavioral management, group counseling, family therapy and medication management. Residents have usually been unsuccessful with outpatient treatments, but are not appropriate for an inpatient psychiatric unit.