Conflict resolution strategies

Conflict Resolution for the Case Manager

The 5 listed conflict resolution strategies are in order from most to least desirable for most general situations. It is important to remember that the situation will dictate the best conflict resolution strategy the Case Manager should utilize.

  1. Collaboration- This strategy meets the needs of all parties involved.
  2. Negotiation- This is finding a solution that gives everyone a partial win, with everyone giving something up. This strategy is most useful when there is a standstill and when there is a deadline.
  3. Accommodation- This meet the needs of the other party at the expense of ones own needs.
  4. Competitive-This style takes a firm stand. It is useful in emergency situations where decisions need to be made fast. This can also be utilized against someone who is trying to take advantage of a situation. When not used appropriately this strategy can leave the other party feeling resentful, bullied or unsatisfied.
  5. Avoidance- This style avoids the conflict by allowing the default action.

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