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I just passed my Case Management exam on April 27th, 2017  I am still in shock as my CM experience has been quite out of the box with a lot of preventive and wellness CM.  I think to say I was green to most of the information that would be required of me to pass this exam would be an understatement.  I had six weeks from the time I received the yes to write the exam from the Board.

I found Deanna and the Case Management Study Guide.  Deanna spoke with my on the telephone and told my how to set up a study plan with her information   I did following advice it to the tee.  I also called other times to ask many questions and Deanna returned all my calls right away answering all my questions with such a positive attitude.  She made me feel no question was silly to ask and that was a great comfort to me.

I want to let anyone out there know that if you are writing the CM I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing Deanna’s workbook and attending all her free online tutorials.  She and her book are the reason I can say today I’m a CCM and know can look for the jobs I have always wanted.

I am so Grateful to Deanna and her Team.  To know there are people out there that really care and do their very best to help others is a huge blessing.

Thank you, Deanna and Team, at Case Management Study Guide!

Tina Simpson RN, CCM