Support programs

Overview of Support Programs for Case Mangers

An initial and ongoing assessment should be done to identify needs for additional support. If needs are identified the Case Manager can refer the patient to support programs based on the patient and family needs. There are many local and national disease based programs to provide education, financial resources, and peer support. The American Cancer Society, for example, has programs to assist patients with lodging when traveling for care away from home, Road to Recovery which assists patients with local transportation to and from treatments and appointments, and online support groups, along with many other resources.

Support programs are also available for caregivers. Many communities have local support groups and there are also national organizations such as the Alzheimers Foundation of America which offers support services and strategies for caregivers.

For patients with deeply held spiritual beliefs, pastoral counseling may be an integral part of their treatment. The spiritual assessment done on enrollment to the Case Management program will identify the clients spiritual beliefs. It important to take this into consideration when making a referral to pastoral counseling.

Bereavement counseling can aid in the loss of a loved one as well as other losses brought on by illness or tragedy. Local hospice agencies are a good resource for bereavement counseling and will provide this service to anyone, not just their clients.