Self care management

CCMC Glossary of Terms Related to Self Care Management

Autonomy: A form of personal liberty of action in which the patient holds the right and freedom to select and initiate his or her own treatment and course of action, and taking control for his or her health; that is, fostering the patient’s independence and self-determination.

Self Advocacy, Self-directed Care and Informed Decision Making for
Case Managers

Self-management can be defined as the decisions and behaviors that patients with chronic disease engage in that affect their health.  Self-management support is the care and encouragement provided to people with chronic conditions and their families to help them manage their health on a daily basis, make informed decisions about care, and engage in healthy behaviors.

Informed decision making is two way communication between the patient and provider where the patient’s unique situation, beliefs, and priorities and are discussed along with the treatment options in order to allow the patient to make the best treatment choice. It supports the ethical principle that the patient has the right to decide what is appropriate for them. This includes the right to accept or decline healthcare. 

Case Managers empower patients to be informed and active decision makers in their healthcare by explaining treatment options available and providing education on disease or injury, community resources and insurance coverage.