Multicultural Issues

CCMC Terms Related to Multicultural Issues

Culture: The thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values, and institutions of racial, ethnic, religious, or social groups.

Multicultural Issues important to the Case Manager

Culture is made up of languages, beliefs, values, traditions, and customs. The Case Manager is to practice cultural competence with awareness and respect for diversity.

A cultural assessment is part of the initial client assessment the Case Manager performs when opening a client to case management. While it is necessary for the Case Manager to understand general cultural norms as they relate to healthcare, it is more important that he/she understands that each patient is an individual with their own individual and family cultural beliefs. Sometimes these cultural beliefs can conflict with the treatment plan. When this happens the Case Manager should attempt to adjust the treatment plan to work within the cultural limits. If this is not possible, the Case Manager needs to educate the client on the possible effects of not complying with the treatment plan. This should be done respectfully without coercing the client. Ultimately it is the client who chooses the treatment plan. 

At times, the clients cultural beliefs may be very different than the Case Managers. This can influence how we view our clients. It is important for the Case Manager to respect the clients beliefs, even though he/she may not agree with them. It can be helpful to acknowledge cultural differences with the client, and reassure them that your job is to educate them and support their decisions.