Case load calculation

There are many factors that determine the caseload capacity and Case load calculation of a case manager. A case manager that does face to face case management in a rural area would not be able to handle the same caseload as a telephonic case manager. Complex cases required more time and involvement by the case manager than a disease management case. Because of the multiple factors and complexity of determining the appropriate caseload, the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) created a  Case Load Capacity Calculator Tool. This is an online tool that is currently open for public use after registering. This tool takes into account several different criteria to determine the appropriate caseload for a given case manager. These factors include:

  • Profession (Nurse/Social Worker)
  • Setting: Clinic, Hospital, Sub-Acute, Health Plan, Workers Comp
  • Other roles the case manager performs (Behavioral Health, Utilization Management, Disease Management, Supervisory Roles, Preceptor/Trainer)
  • Complexity of Cases
  • Experience of Case Manager
  • Length of time in current role
  • Site-based technology (Handwritten reports, one information technology system, multiple information technology systems)
  • Types of contact (face to face, telephonic)
  • Non-case activities ( meetings, continuing education, travel, training)