Caseload Calculation (Updated February 2022)

Case Manager with folders

Office worker with folders

There are many factors that determine the caseload capacity and Caseload calculation of a case manager. A case manager that does face-to-face case management in a rural area would not be able to handle the same caseload as a telephonic case manager.

Complex cases required more time and involvement by the case manager than a disease management case. Because of the multiple factors and complexity of determining the appropriate caseload, there is no magic number. Instead, when determining the caseload for a given case manager the following should be taken into consideration:


  • Profession (Nurse/Social Worker)
  • Setting: Clinic, Hospital, Sub-Acute, Health Plan, Workers Comp
  • Other roles the case manager performs (Behavioral Health, Utilization Management, Disease Management, Supervisory Roles, Preceptor/Trainer)
  • Complexity of Cases
  • Experience of Case Manager
  • Length of time in current role
  • Site-based technology (Handwritten reports, one information technology system, multiple information technology systems)
  • Types of contact (face to face, telephonic)
  • Non-case activities ( meetings, continuing education, travel, training)